Wishing our brains got OTA upgrades

Model S software update TeslaMondoMany of us are middle-aged. This means we could be considered ripe for a mid-cycle refresh. Given a choice between these modifications, which would you choose?

1. Physical modification (slightly modified nose, different hairdo, different eye color)
2. Mental modification (ability to see through walls, memorize more information, speak in a foreign language)

Most of us would choose the mental upgrade and stay with the same old body — true? And so goes the Model S with a new array of abilities sent over the air to owners a couple days ago. Version 6.0 adds new lobes to the Model S brain, making the car startable via iPhone, more streetwise to traffic, more savvy to energy-saving strategy, more conversant with your smartphone and aware of where it’s supposed to raise itself higher from the pavement, based on your previous inputs. This mid-cycle refresh leaves the body alone but boosts the mind. And the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Other automakers will attest.


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