London livery service uses only Model S

A new company called Gliide is extending Tesla’s coolness to limo service. Customers book the service entirely via smartphone, and then proceed to “glide” around London without emitting nuttin’. Co-founder Mark Waters: ‘We’re at a time when air pollution is at an all time high, fuel costs are ever increasing and pressure is growing for transport to move toward a more sustainable format. However despite this pressure and with the availability of renewable energy and viable pure-electric vehicles, there have up until now been no providers offering such a service. Gliide offers customers and organisations not only a more memorable experience by providing a refined yet low-cost service but give people the chance to directly contribute towards the future modernisation of road-based transport.”

This regurgitates that ol’ rumor about a long-wheelbase Model S for the livery-loving Chinese market — remember? Supposedly it was coming in late 2014. Well, it’s getting late. And why only for China? With school back in session in the USA, kids are getting colds again. It would be nice to stick ’em WAY in the back seat, out of sneeze range, without having to buy the third-row jump seats.


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