Nevada green-lights Electric Avenue

Musk caricature source TeslaMondoNevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has signed Gig legislation after the $1.3b tax concession package received unanimous approval from lawmakers, one of whom compared this project to the Hoover Dam. “It doesn’t get any bigger than this.” — Sandoval. There’s a sound bite for ya, and it’s not puffery. Apparently the Gig will be located on Electric Avenue per Musk, likely referencing the Eddie Grant song from the pre-horrible MTV days.

This next chapter, Gigafactory construction, is going to be the single biggest construction story of the decade. The finished product may not become one of the most photographed sites in the world, but most-photographed factory? Probably. The mere concept of the factory is already generating gravitational pull on tangent industries, making lithium-ion the committed medium of choice for AES and A123, both big players in energy storage.

While waiting for Nevada pols to stop debating, TeslaMondo doodled on MS Paint and, applying Elon’s “first principles reasoning,” deconstructed him as far as possible. What’s at the core? True grit. And TSLA investors share it too. This factory amounts to a 90-yard bomb in football, but the game is on the line, and Tesla tends to connect.

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2 thoughts on “Nevada green-lights Electric Avenue

  1. EVSticker says:

    My god. It’s beautiful!


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