Political footballing kicks off

Nevada legislature TeslaMondo

Gigafactory Football TeslaMondoNo sooner has the whistle blown than politicking has begun. San Antonio’s losing team says it offered more money than Nevada, but balked at Tesla’s suggestion of starting site work on mere speculation. D’oh! Plus, Nevada had an advantage due to a lithium mine, says San Antonio. No fair! In New Mexico, the governor’s race is now full of finger-pointing. Dems say the Republican governor blew it. Republicans say Dems blew it with a show of timidity while other states were going all-in. In Texas, Gov. Rick Perry may run for president, but can he outrun press like this? California Gov. Jerry Brown is faring no better. Seems nobody is kicking Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, but that’s likely because Mother Nature is already kicking Arizona.  Meanwhile, in the winning state of Nev-ADD-a*, political groups are protesting the $1.3b price tag on the Tesla deal, which goes before a special session of the state Legislature this afternoon. Ironically, Tesla’s most pernicious political gnat, the car dealer lobby, has opted to stay on the sidelines. Dealers figure they’ll get a few more sales from the beehive of activity. That’s yet another way in which thinking not just big, but collosal, has paid off for Tesla. This factory is so darned big that even car dealers will derive some residual benefit.

*If you pronounce Nevada the normal way, you get stoned, and not in the peaceful way.

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One thought on “Political footballing kicks off

  1. Timmy says:

    Given the size* and location** of the gigafactory, one might say that a lot of Wolfpacks*** are now howling.

    • Many football fields. (~200?)
      ** Reno, effectively.
      *** = 1 + 2


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