Fool cell stronghold punctured

Tesla Japan TeslaMondoTesla is now delivering in Japan, whose profuse favoritism for Toyota/Honda fuel cell technology is either aggressive or desperate depending on your bent.

But on the amiable side of the coin, both Toyota and Tesla say they’re open to more collaboration, following the tracks of the RAV4 EV. Don’t be shocked if, despite big-view differences on the post-ICE future, the two companies decide there’s at least a little overlap in thinking. Toyota’s Jim Lentz has indeed said EVs have a role in his world view, albeit as short-range commute-mobiles.

Tesla’s assembly plant in Fremont is a former Toyota/GM joint venture that cranked out the Nova, Prizm and Vibe for GM — and Matrix, Corolla and Tacoma for Toyota. Why couldn’t Toyota/Tesla pull a shared product from the revamped Fremont plant, or even the Gigafactory?

UPDATE: Tesla expects to supply drivetrain components to Toyota in about three years. Also, it expects to have a semi-autonomous car running, using a Tesla proprietary system with some third-party componentry, within the same time frame.

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One thought on “Fool cell stronghold punctured

  1. AdrienT says:

    I have always loved the idea of powering vehicles with hydrogen, makes perfect sense. Until it was explained to me that the fuel cell only makes electricity to power your electric car. Major minus. Since it’s hard but not impossible for me to make hydrogen in my garage, I’ll just stick with electricity and skip the middle man.

    Besides, hydrogen would be provided by the same bunch of goons: BP, Exxon and Shell. I’ve seen that movie once too often.


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