Another likely reason “Nevada is it”

The Gig’s energy usage is bound to be a big topic, since Tesla is expected to lead the world in renewable, sustainable, scalable and a bunch of other “ables.” Indeed, Elon does plan to make this diamond-shaped plant entirely self-sustaining. Well, TeslaMondo reader Tom Villars yesterday brought up an under-reported angle. The Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, future home of the Gig, sits in a geothermal “hot spot.” That means Tesla can tap into the Earth’s underground heat to supply energy, probably via a nearby geothermal powerplant. From the TRIC website:

Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center Geothermal TeslaMondo

These hot spots are fairly scarce, as suggested by the map below, and tend to occur near tectonic boundaries — a nice upside for Shake N Quake areas of the world. Imperial Valley in California is another geothermal corridor, but the coincidence of the Tahoe-Reno center and a geo corridor likely gave Reno yet another advantage, along with the amply-reported tax climate, rail access, lithium access. It’s looking more and more like Reno had this factory in the bag from day one, as suggested on this site back in May. Surely we’ll read a whole lot of weepy post-mortems about why other states lost this bid, but the planet itself might have rigged the contest some. Here’s an excellent crash-course in geothermal.

Geothermal map, TeslaMondo

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One thought on “Another likely reason “Nevada is it”

  1. AdrienT says:

    Another great post from you Robert! Thank for your wonderful and Funny body of work in this blog. Oh, and thanks for efforts in combating FUD and kicking it back to irresponsible parties. You ROCK!


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