Gigafactory buzz already turning silly

Protesters don’t read much

As reported already, the Gigafactory is drawing protests from a coalition* of watchdog groups** and now from the Nevada Policy Research Institute, because the bidding process among states was private instead of transparent, competitive instead of collaborative, and the winning state will channel too many tax dollars away from bread n’ butter endeavors like schools. Never mind the merits or demerits of those arguments. Look at the specific tack the NPRI is taking:

Gigafactory protesters TeslaMondo

Yes, it seems Mr. Lawrence either doesn’t know, or pretends not to know, the Gigafactory’s raisons d’être. First, to power a $35k electric car for the non-millionaires among us. And second, to provide energy storage primarily for solar applications, which are quickly spreading into middle-class neighborhoods.

Anybody in politics will tell you that your campaign can sink or swim on a sound bite. Mr. Lawrence, you’re no Jack Kennedy.

* Oh brother
** Oh brother

Seems everyone forgot about “multiple groundbreakings”

Tesla is still talking to other states. About what? Probably about the Gigafactory. The company has said from the get-go that it plans to partially develop multple sites and narrow to one by year’s end, to ensure a fast track to completion. Everyone knows about Project Tiger near Sparks, NV, the likely subject of the press conference scheduled later today. But are there other Project Tigers out there? If not, will they sprout up, and could one of them potentially outrun Nevada and end up with the factory? Tesla PR director Simon Sproule’s comment today is intriguing:

Tesla talking to multiple states TeslaMondo

So the final, final, final, FINAL site might not be finalized no matter what anybody says today. No matter. Politicains are already using the Gig as a political weapon to club each other about the cranium. New Mexico gubernatorial candidate Gary King is dissing Gov. Susana Martinez for an alleged lack of leadership in failing to land the factory, etc. And yet the fat lady might not sing until the end of the year. No, TeslaMondo is not calling Martinez fat. Oh never mind.


One thought on “Gigafactory buzz already turning silly

  1. Timmy says:

    All I have to say is that the Giga-Factory had better be Gluten-Free.


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