Reno lands a big Gig

If the buzz is correct, Tesla and Nevada will make a marriage announcement tomorrow. TeslaMondo readers can let out a collective yawn. We knew Tesla had Reno on the brain since day one of this Gigafactory concept. Now it’s official, that’s all. A brief look back:

May 29: Gigafactory rendering was based on a site in Reno.

June 1: TV station picks up TeslaMondo’s theory, plays with it.

July 12: TeslaMondo reader ferrets around the desert, stumbles into Project Tiger.

July 31: Tesla lets the “cat” out of the bag.

Aug. 31: California acts like car dealership, loses customer.

Tesla wanted to have a final site selected by year’s end. If this is the final site, it’s four months early. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Gig comes online four months early?

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One thought on “Reno lands a big Gig

  1. Walt Parkman says:

    We aren’t yawning here in Reno. We are howling at the moon.


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