We’ve come a long way, baby . . .

When you look back at these articles (scroll down) from recent years, you might be angry at yourself for not buying TSLA a lot earlier than you did. Or you might laugh, or weep. Click each image to read the original article. The last one, from Autoblog Green, is rather precious because of the comments section. Look at the first comment. It’s from a guy who returns in May 2013, years after the article was published, to guffaw at the naysayers and marvel that TLSA had risen all the way to . . . wait for it . . . $58.

What? You’re still on the sidelines? Afraid you’ve missed the boat? You’ll likely find, a few years from now, that even Sept. 2014 wasn’t a bad entry point, with the Model X still locked in its cage, the Gigafactory just a drawing, clean energy storage a new idea, and China still practically virgin EV territory.


CNN Tesla interest wanes TeslaMondo

Forbes Tesla plunges TeslaMondo

Toyota deal TeslaMondo

Tesla shares will hit $50 TeslaMondo



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One thought on “We’ve come a long way, baby . . .

  1. M.H. Kane says:

    The names have changed on the AB/ABG comments…. but the F.U.D. is still the same!!!


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