California acts like car dealership

“I’m not ready to sign today, but if you give me your best price, I’ll think about it.”
Not today, huh?
“No, but if the price is right, I’ll be back.”
So no price will be good enough to earn your business today?
“Look, I’m not ready. I have other places to visit and then I’ll be ready to make my decision.”
Even if we match the price you mentioned earlier, as painful as it is for us?
“Look, this is getting old. Do you want to give me your best price or not?”
Well, without a commitment, there’s only so much dialogue we can — 
Forget it. You’re wasting my time. Goodbye.
“Wait, let me talk to my manager.”

Sound familiar? That’s how rookie car salesmen operate, and that’s also exactly how the California Legislature handled Elon. The state closed its legislative session committed to banning plastic supermarket bags, but unable to settle on Gigafactory incentives. And so a high-profile customer, one with a massive sphere of influence, just slipped out the door, shaking his head. Seems some lawmakers were expecting a commitment from Elon first. “Tesla has not come to the table to get a deal done, ” according to Sen. Ted Gaines. And why not? Because California wouldn’t put an offer on the table. And why not? Because it couldn’t pull a commitment from Tesla . . .

The only way out of that conundrum, as any successful car dealer will tell you, is to hold your nose, close your eyes and OFFER A PRICE. Yes, it feels like walking the plank, blindfolded, naked and freezing, with the sound of sharks thrashing the waters below. But you’ve gotta do it and hope for a miracle. The car business isn’t for the weak, no matter what level of the business we’re talking about.

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One thought on “California acts like car dealership

  1. Love the photo above and am amazed at how you can write about Tesla daily….I thought I was the only one obsessed here!

    A Fathers Day poem from my daughter Samantha
    Dear Daddy,
    It has come to my attention that you are Tesla’s number one fan
    It is clear that you don’t want another Highlander or van
    Its an all electric, sparkly car that you truly crave
    A passion for the Tesla is one you’ll take to your grave
    You know all the latest Tesla news and interesting facts
    There is certainly nothing that Elon Musk lacks
    You’ve taken it one step further and befriended all the employee’s in the Tesla store
    Too bad the heavenly prize costs $70,000 and you’re too poor
    So in honor of being the best father, oh do I have a gift for you
    Its a gift to show my appreciation for everything that you do
    I’d be nowhere without your support and care
    Maybe its a present that we can both drive and share
    So I now award to the world’s best father a Tesla of his own
    I hope you enjoy, it cost me quite the loan!

    she then gave me a matchbox VW Bug with Tesla written in black sharpie on the roof!

    Dr. M Model X reservation#6466


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