What will Tesla’s billboard show?

Tesla billboard TeslaMondoTesla fancies erecting a 200-ft wide billboard at its Fremont, CA factory. That’s big, but never mind size. What will it show? This is a fast-moving company, so a static “message” hardly befits the pace. Ok, so never mind a message. What about a product image? Well, it seems an odd time to throw up a huge image of a Model S when the Mystery Machine X is only months away. Perhaps Tesla is merely seeking approval for the billboard but doesn’t plan to pull the trigger until the X is indeed released?

It’s yet another Tesla irony that this forward-think company, famously adept at marketing via social media, would employ the oldest outdoor advertising medium in history. The billboard began with the circus industry, later getting a big boost with the mass production of cars. That’s old-school.

However, the medium does present some brain-itching possibilities. Recent examples abound of very creative billboards. Tesla might be thinking well outside the box.


One thought on “What will Tesla’s billboard show?

  1. Ebony says:

    There is definately a lot to know about this topic. I like all of
    the points you made.


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