TeslaMondo triples stake in Mobileye

Mobileye TeslaMondo

Mobileye officers show off their killer moat. Shame about the non-retractable bridge.

Throughout the month of August, TeslaMondo slowly divested its shares of Solar City and scooped up Mobileye instead. Not because Solar City is immobile, but because Mobileye is likely more mobile. The company sells next-generation safety systems to the auto industry and is predicted to lead the way in autonomous driving. Telsa has a relationship with Mobileye but won’t elaborate. It doesn’t have to elaborate. Tesla’s Fremont factory has an entire section called “driver assist.” Use your imagination. Many other car companies have relationships with Mobileye too, and the relationship is going to become increasingly fruitful as drivers become increasingly dependent on Mobileye’s technology to save their asses¬†because they’re too engrossed with other technology to bother with driving.

Just so you understand TeslaMondo’s biases, here’s the current portfolio as the market opened this morning:

TeslaMondo portfolio

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