Model S very seldom stolen

Insurance carriers, take note. Almost nobody is stealing the Model S.

TeslaMondo does not purport to think like a car thief, but will try for a moment: First, the Model S is the most connected car on the road. You’ll never hide it from Big Brother unless you buy up every roll of tin foil at Walgreens and wrap the entire car double-thick, and nobody has that kind of time. Second, it has no cat convertor, detachable entertainment system or portable NAV. Those are among the most lucrative black-market goodies. Third, you can’t pop the ignition. And fourth, this whole subject has some seriously bad karma.


3 thoughts on “Model S very seldom stolen

  1. Richard G says:

    Do you have any figures of how often it gets stolen?


  2. rwfahey says:

    From the linked article:

    “Tesla’s Model S was the least stolen car last year. Going by the number of cars stolen would be an unfair comparison because there are a lot more Honda Accords on the road than Model S. A better way of comparison would be the number of cars stolen per 1,000 units manufactured. Using that standard, Model S has a theft rating of just 0.15 per 1,000 units produced.

    In contrast, across-the-board average is 3.51 cars stolen per 1,000 produced.”


  3. Richard G says:

    Ah, sorry – missed the link to the article 😦
    Thanks anyway for the clarification – the difference is huge between Tesla Model S and the average.


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