Rumor: China prepping massive EV push

The Chinese government allegedly is about to announce a massive, expensive push to expand EV infrastructure, as the world’s largest auto market seeks to de-smoggify itself. This comes just a few weeks after Tesla’s debut in China. Tesla “rivals” BYD and BMW are about to release their Denza and i3, respectively, in China. They’re rivals because they jab at each other, what with Tesla laughing at BMW and BYD in interviews, and BYD’s chairman calling the Model S a “rich man’s toy.” But these three companies are also allies because they all benefit from broader acceptance of electric vehicles.

Meanwhile, Chinese-made EV penalty boxes are not selling well. China blames that on a lack of charging stations, a classic “chicken-egg” conundrum. Perhaps a big infusion of public cash will solve the conundrum by frying the egg, or choking the chicken. TeslaMondo would like to see Tesla lead a big segment instead of a small one, and therefore cheers anything that boosts the EV market. The unasked question is whether China will do this again for fuel cell vehicles, assuming they come a-knockin’ a few years from now as Hyundai, Honda and Toyota hope. Doubt it!

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One thought on “Rumor: China prepping massive EV push

  1. China is a country that is quickly adaptable to various things. make in china’s economy is growing rapidly. if the Chinese are planning to make EV mass, then the EV would be a cheap price. but we do not know the quality of the EV are made ​​in china.


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