Musk “playing” states? No, just hedging.

Musk hedge master TeslaMondoNevada Sen. Harry Reid says Tesla might be “playing” his state against other states.

Now now . . .

Tesla has maintained it’s working multiple sites simply to guard against Gigafactory delays. The future of the company depends on a healthy battery supply for the Model 3. Can’t have all eggs in one Gigafactory basket, Mr. Reid. Too risky.

The concept of spreading risk — utilizing alternatives, hedging bets, that kind of thing — defines not just the Gigafactory process, but all of Elon Musk’s endeavors, if you think about it.

Tesla: Electric cars as a hedge against fossil fuel depletion and economic collapse.
Solar City: Solar as a alternative to the dirty grid, and when using Tesla-supplied batteries, all the better!
SpaceX: Mars as an alternative to Earth.

So Reid would do well to remember that Tesla is hedging more than “playing,” and that Musk, the man oft-presented as the ultimate risk-taker of recent times, is really the ultimate risk mitigator.

Oh, one more thing, as Peter Falk might say. Reid said Tesla has already prepared Gigafactory pads in multiple states. This is news to us meddling bloggers, who thought the Project Tiger site near Sparks, NV was the only such pad. Assuming Reid is right, how does he know about these other pads? Moreover, where the heck are they? Never mind Peter Falk. Cue Dragnet theme.

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