iPhone unlock/start not novel, but . . .

Locking/unlocking and turning a car on/off via smartphone isn’t really novel. Such technology has existed for quite a while. But starting a Tesla engine? That’s novel indeed. Thanks to High-Tech Centre, International Business Times, PhoneArena and Silicon Beat, respectively, for discovering such a phenomenon.



iPhone control TeslaMondo



Vroom Vroom TeslaMondo



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2 thoughts on “iPhone unlock/start not novel, but . . .

  1. I think the revelation was that it mentions “if you forgot your keyfob” — in other words, you’ll actually be able to drive the car without the keyfob in the car. This means that the app alone can enable an owner to drive the car. Is there any other car that has this ability?


  2. Timmy says:

    However they drive it, it will not be using an engine. Which I think was the author’s “covert” point.


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