Tesla kills another bug dead

The Model S warranty expansion reminds us that Tesla deals with potential crises of confidence the same way you might deal with discovering a house centipede on the bedroom wall at night. You don’t just coax it to crawl onto a piece of paper and then politely flick it out the window. That treatment is for cute bugs like ants. And you don’t merely smush it with a paper towel. That’s for silverfish and spiders. No, you grab the Consumer Reports 2014 Auto Issue, roll it up into a baseball bat, and you pulverize that big prickly prick until it’s reduced to a omelette of organic dust and scrambled legs. If you need drywall repair due to excessive force, it’s well worth it. Then you immediately put your house up for sale and begin scouting real estate in an area outside the geographical reach of scutigera coleoptrata. That means Nuuk, Greenland.

Such was the reaction of Tesla Motors to the road debris spook a few months ago, and now to the drive unit spook. Maybe a little overkill, but at least we can sleep. Well done.

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