Mid-cycle refresh? We ain’t mid-cycle.

Tesla aftermarket TeslaMondoThe Model S hit the market in June, 2012. It’s now August, 2014. For an ordinary car produced by an ordinary car company, the two-year mark often brings a mid-cycle refresh. That means a minor update, mostly exterior, to keep it “fresh” for another couple of years until a full update comes. For Tesla, however, it seems the Model S should enjoy a much longer “cycle” without any refreshing. That’s because:

1. The aftermarket is just now getting its hands on it. That helps the Model S maintain freshness by showing it’s still very fertile creative ground, not a lame duck.

2. The car is just now debuting in overseas markets including China, a biggie. While the S might be quite pedestrian at this point in California, it’s a thrilling novelty in much of the world.

3. The car gets regular updates like your smartphone or computer software. Smell that freshness?

4. Franz von Holzhausen’s design is not timeless, but pretty close. It’s a super-smooth muscular sedan, never overbearing. Extreme designs tend to wear on the eye after a short time, and might make the more conservative motorists among us feel like they’re begging for attention. Wouldn’t be prudent.

And so we might see Tesla break yet another industry tradition with a ridiculously long product cycle, at least for this model. Who knows — maybe for the Model 3 you’ll be able to choose your own styling from several online templates, allowing an even longer product cycle due to built-in variety. Try it, Tesla!

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2 thoughts on “Mid-cycle refresh? We ain’t mid-cycle.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Adding to bullet #3, Tesla has continually updated the hardware (more so than other OEMs) and kept pretty quiet about it. Elon stated in the last conference call that there is a significant difference between a Model S produced today and one produced a year ago.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Right – supposedly the car is a little lighter for instance. Also added little stuff like parking sensors and mirror folding. Bet they have other goodies planned over time. But I agree about the body.


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