Future Chevy Volt will fight T3

LG Chem Logo TeslaMondoLG Chem, an wing of Korea’s LG and Chevy’s current supplier of the Volt battery, is prepping a 200-mile battery that will power a roughly $30-35k car by, oh, around 2017. Sounds awfully coincidental, yes? The WSJ says GM is probably the client ordering this battery development, for a future-generation Chevy Volt. Remember, last year GM appointed a special team to study Tesla. LG Chem has a R&D center in Troy, MI.

It all makes sense.

So let’s say this pans out as predicted. For about $35k you’ll be able to buy a Chevy or a Tesla. Cough. Never mind the merits of each. It’s a win for the EV segment and everyone who dwells there.


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2 thoughts on “Future Chevy Volt will fight T3

  1. Timmy says:

    Hmm, and I wonder if Nissan will have anything new to offer by then? Pass the popcorn, please!


  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Err, is that not like asking a mouse if he would eat chalk or cheese?


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