Pondering the future of motoring

Thinking cap TeslaMondoThought for the day:

* Smartphones achieved wide adoption because people could escape buying them at full price. They merely subscribed to a service.
* The solar industry is winning clients with a “nothing down” strategy. You can lease the panels for 20 years, paying nothing up front.
* So how ’bout doing something similar with EVs? Charge the customer very little for the car. Instead, just collect a monthly fee for using it, and/or charging it. That could kickstart the kind of widespread adoption that has eluded the segment so far. So goes the suggestion in this article. TeslaMondo predicts we’ll see a package deal such that buying or leasing a Tesla AND buying or leasing Solar City panels gets you a nice price cut on both.

Another thought for the day:

As cars become more autonomous, what happens to drunk driving laws? Texting laws? People with disabilities who otherwise could not operate a car? “But officer, I wasn’t driving.” Will states be allowed to rule on these things? If so, that could mean 50 different sets of laws for automakers in the US alone. How the hey does an automaker adapt to that? We’ve got work to do.


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2 thoughts on “Pondering the future of motoring

  1. richardbenson2110 says:

    I can see the worst thing happening in future with this kind of tech !


  2. EarthVisitor says:

    I really want a self-driving car. But not a grandmother-mobile!


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