One mystery solved, but two remain

Solved Mystery — Project Tiger: Tesla ordered it.
Unsolved Mystery — Hidden Cards: Tesla is no longer tipping its hand to financial analysts. That’s what Musk said during the July 31 conference call. What does that mean? TeslaMondo believes Tesla will soon pull back the curtain to reveal some special guests, a.k.a. business partners, for a joint venture that will ease Tesla’s financial burden. Perhaps the Gig; perhaps charging stations. SOMETHING. Why so sure? Let’s pretend we’re back in school, taking the SAT test. Complete the pattern:

1. Tesla says it’s working on site selection for a Gigafactory and will break ground soon.
2. Anticlimactic silence follows.
3. We discover that Tesla broke ground during that odd silence, without telling us.

1. Tesla announces, “All our patent are belong to you,” and coincidentally hears from Nissan, BMW and Mahindra.
2. Anticlimactic silence follows.
3. We discover that Tesla _________________________during that odd silence, without telling us.

Unsolved mystery — Artificial intelligence warning: Elon says he’s read a book called Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies, by Nick Bostrom, and is convinced more than ever that AI is potentially dangerous, perhaps more dangerous than nuclear weaponry. Where’s the mystery there? Elon is the mystery. No human can absorb and retain information sufficient to run SpaceX and Tesla, and chair Solar City, and get a decent night’s sleep, and still have a few hours of idle time left over to read a book. That’s beyond the ability of the human brain. And so we’re stuck with a disturbing but unavoidable question about Elon . . .

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