TeslaMondo buys Mobileye

A small stake, but a stake nonetheless. Machine vision technology sounds like something to own this year, not 2020. So here’s the portfolio now:

TeslaMondo portfolio

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2 thoughts on “TeslaMondo buys Mobileye

  1. Timmy says:

    I agree. As good as 20-20 is, buying Mobileye in 2014 is better, and shows more foresight. It’s a prescription for good things to come.


  2. Offgridman says:

    With Musk trying to get regulations changed so that cameras can be used in place of side view mirrors to help with streamlining so more miles are possible. Perhaps doing it with the Mobileye system so drivers are made more aware of when another vehicle is approaching, passing, or getting to close will make it more amenable to regulators.


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