Q2 wrapup: Cat Scratch Fever!

Tesla Project Tiger TeslaMondo1. Tesla let the cat out of the bag and confirmed breaking ground near Reno. Sounds like TeslaMondo reader and desert prowler Walt Parkman was correct about Project Tiger at 2641 Portofino Drive, at Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. This is big news, for it means Tesla will not necessarily announce “finalists” before bulldozing. Other Project Tigers will soon come to life, challenging other Walt Parkmans to sniff them out and win kudos from meddling blogs. One thing’s for sure, however. They won’t be called “Project Tiger.” In, fact, you can pretty much rule out any animal reference.

2. Tesla beat analysts’ consensus. And there was much rejoicing. And then sadness*.

3. China hearts Tesla. U.K. hearts Tesla. And there was much rejoicing. And then sadness*.

4. Model X prototypes, sporting the new-and-improved design nobody has seen, will start rolling in just a few weeks. A good shot of a Model X is bound to command a hefty bounty for spy photographers.

5. TeslaMondo’s photo theory, which holds that Tesla’s original Gigafactory rendering was based on an old shot of Reno-Stead Airport, and that Reno was therefore a strong consideration since day one, now has teeth and claws. Then again, the airport property remains untouched by heavy equipment at last check. OK, never mind the claws. The theory has teeth. Ok, baby teeth. Well, it was on the news, dammit.

6. Tesla will eventually invade S. Korea — the home turf of Hyundai, a fuel cell proponent. The war games continQ2 Tesla conference call TeslaMondoue.

7. Toyota’s fuel cell ambitions continue to confound. See graphic.

*After-hours reaction is confused but muted overall. A little green one minute; a little red the next. As usual, nobody knows what to make of Tesla’s numbers, because nobody knows what to make of Tesla. All part of the entertainment!


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3 thoughts on “Q2 wrapup: Cat Scratch Fever!

  1. williamstedtvoll says:

    The gigafactory project name “Tiger” means “Keeping quiet” in Swedish (eg. “Tesla tiger om batterifabriken” – “Tesla is keeping quiet about the battery factory”).

    If there are any swedes involved in the Tesla battery project, that might be the source of the project name.


  2. Finally green reaction. I think it took the market some time to digest the fact that Tesla “isn’t showing all of its cards anymore,” and that the cost of EVs will reach parity, and that the comparison of EVs and ICE engines are headed to a place of “no contest.”

    There were really a lot of huge statements.


  3. Hey Robert, can you send me an email? I have a Tesla-related project I’d like to tell you about. Mine is chrisjohnmeyer at gmail


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