Beating could cause a beating

Tesla Q2 prediction TeslaMondoRemember Q1? Tesla took a beating despite beating. TeslaMondo thinks another beat is coming, followed by another beating. Why? Because TSLA investors are crack addicts. Anything less than Shock and Awe triggers a severe withdrawal — of money. However, the next hit of crack isn’t far off, and it’s a biggie. At some point soon, Tesla will raise its skirt and show some flesh of the Model X. Local hospitals will then receive a deluge of phone calls, especially to urology. Men will complain of erections lasting longer than four hours. Women too.

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2 thoughts on “Beating could cause a beating

  1. Thanks for opening the site up to comments. Absolutely agree the Model X will be a huge catalyst. When Musk says the production version looks way better than the one on the website, I believe him.

    Hoping for a sell-off so I can load up on more shares…


  2. M.H. Kane says:

    Thanks again, for: The TeslaMondo humor, timely stories and allowing comments. !!! Will there ever be other features like favorites, voting, reporting spam / abuse ?


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