Mobileye IPO coming Aug. 1, tempting

Mobileye IPO on TeslaMondoTesla is working with an Israeli company called Mobileye, which already supplies advanced safety systems for a host of automakers. What’s Tesla up to? It won’t say. But this Israeli paper says it’s the autonomous driving system, characterized by Tesla as “autopilot.”

Some links:

1. Mobileye’s website. The company’s technology helps cars “see” other cars, pedestrians etc. It’s a science called “machine vision technology.” Sounds like something we’ll all be discussing circa 2020, while engaging in self-mutilation for failing to invest circa 2014.
2. About the IPO, coming Aug. 1. More about the IPO. And more about the IPO (it’s third down the list).
3. About Tesla’s relationship. It exists.


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