2641 Portofino Drive continues to beguile

Tesla Project Tiger TeslaMondoThe Close Encounters of the Third Kind plot is thickening. In that movie, some people were strangely drawn to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. Turned out to be a top-secret staging ground for a rendezvous with aliens. Well, this time some select individuals feel strangely drawn to 2641 Portofino Drive at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center in Sparks, NV. First it was TeslaMondo reader Walt Parkman. Now it’s Bob Tregilus, head of the Electric Auto Association of Northern Nevada. He says he’s been gently prying the truth from local contacts. And the truth is? Tesla ordered the bulldozing at Tahoe-Reno, say his contacts.

Project Tiger sign TeslaMondo

Credit: KRNV-DT Reno

See the Project Tiger signage? It marks the entrance to the mystery site. The website for F&P Construction shows it has worked with Nissan — albeit on a dealership, not a factory. Snap! So close.

But wait — The site is suddenly dark and the construction crew gone. Was it behind schedule, as rumored here? Will razing begin anew with a new contractor, or is the mother ship now destined to land elsewhere? UPDATE: No worries. Crews are just taking a much-needed break.

Tesla has repeatedly said it intends to break ground on multiple sites and narrow it to one by year’s end. Any permitting snafus will mean, “No Gigafactory for you.” The coincidence of the Model 3 launch and Gigafactory output is essential to the future of the company. Without the new-generation battery, the Model 3 is a lawn ornament. Though, come to think of it, Tesla could probably sell every single Model 3 as a lawn ornament if need be, and without a discount. Such will be the hype surrounding this vehicle. It even completes Tesla’s wink-wink erotic nomenclature, as noted by panting horndog journalists everywhere.

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