News tidbit casserole

Tesla News CasseroleChina — Seems Tesla will adapt to China’s fledgling charging network as part of its Chinese assimilation. Good news, but details are skimpy. Like a lot of material in Want China Times, this article leaves the reader wanting.

England — The UK is weighing the Model S as municipal transport, as governments try to go green in ways other than collecting taxes. Perhaps the upcoming long-wheelbase version with the larger back seat could be utilized as executive limos. And bodyguards could sit in the rear-facing child seats. Short bodyguards.

Sci-fi — The FBI thinks autonomous cars could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Elon Musk says artificial intelligence could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Car-hacking could become a dangerous sport for the wrong people. And so, putting this all together in a B-movie scenario, we could one day see disgruntled robots remotely hijack a fleet of English municipal Teslas, put them into a reckless autopilot mode that pays no heed to pedestrians, and force the British Secret Intelligence Service to respond with its own fleet of autonomous Teslas in a high-stakes game of Robot Wars. And at the conclusion, Tesla would see a fresh order for more Model S’s.


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