Earnings announcement coming July 31

Apollo 15 TeslaMondoTesla has cleverly timed the announcement to coincide with George Washington’s issuance of the first-ever patent. It happened July 31, 1790. A guy named Samuel Hopkins invented a novel way of producing potash, the country’s first industrial chemical. It was used for various things from soap to gunpowder. Tesla, as you know, is a big supporter of patents.

And on July 31, 1971, Apollo 15 astronauts test-drove an electric car on the moon. That was the first time anyone drove a car on another planet. The Tesla Roadster was still a few months away from production, you know, so this wins the electric-car kudos by a nose.

Also, Tesla has a concert scheduled for that same date, and in California to boot. The earnings announcement will probably follow the encore. Tesla rock band TeslaMondo