Hack Olympics kick off tomorrow

Hacker princess TeslaMondo

Holly Marshall, the original hacker princess, manipulating the weather in the Land of the Lost with AUTOEXEC.BAT.

You’ve gotta wonder what Kristin Paget thinks of this SyScan security conference that begins tomorrow in Beijing. An entire ring of this year’s SyScan circus is devoted to hacking into a Model S, for a prize of $10,000. Paget’s name doesn’t ring a bell? She’s the security expert that Tesla hired away from Apple earlier this year. In short, it’s her job to make the car hack-proof. So this could be construed as her first performance review, on a world stage. Or perhaps Paget and Tesla are kind of “in” on this contest. Hackers learn from hackers in a virtuous cycle.

But wait — Forbes says the contest is over already. A Chinese Internet security firm has already remotely commandeered the a Model S and caused all sorts of kooky behavior in the car. Want proof that this really happened? Good luck. Clicking through the links will yield nothing to hang your hat on. Think Bigfoot footage.

TeslaMondo has already covered hacking in depth.


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