A word from Neuman Securities

Tesla earnings due May 7, 2014 Yesterday a lot of Nervous Nellies grabbed their smartphones, ran to the toilet and unloaded a bunch of stuff at once, including their shares of TSLA. All because Tesla’s deliveries to Norway inexplicably and dramatically dropped, according to a trader writing on Seeking Alpha. This implies demand has inexplicably and dramatically dropped, which implies the same thing will happen elsewhere, which implies Tesla’s international expansion is a mere carnival tour, with Musk barking “Step right up, folks” for a few days, then pulling up the tent stakes and moving on before people start calling the police. Eventually Tesla runs out of locales and goes back to chicken farming.

Flussshhhhhhhh . . .

No worries here. Supply constraint does funny things to delivery rates as a company tries to appease different markets. Delivery is bound to be erratic regardless of demand. Trying to dissect Tesla’s global delivery pattern is like trying to unscramble scrambled eggs. Give it up already.

Anyone who doubts Tesla’s permanence in the marketplace should visit The Erotic Salon of Los Angeles. It was formed in February and goes by TESLA. You know a car company has staying power the world over when its name leads the mind “down there.” Just imagine what Tesla will do to sex culture when it expands in Thailand. A Thai hot spice already bears the name.

Nookie and hot spices today, world domination tomorrow.

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