Tesla has us in a brainlock

Elon's mind share TeslaMondoLast year, Tesla was the most-Googled auto company. When you consider its tiny market share, that’s the equivalent of a mouse shooing away a herd of mastodons. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas calls Tesla the world’s most important auto company. Last week an auto industry consultant pointed out via Bloomberg that Tesla trumps all in “mind share.”

Well, today we get another measure of Tesla’s impact on our minds. It seems the Model S causes the most dopamine neurotransmission among car owners. The Model S tops the “Total Quality Index” as tallied by Strategic Vision. Fuzzy feelings do comprise a big part of the index. Tesla owners are infatuated, period. Here’s how Strategic Vision defines its index:

The Strategic Vision Total Quality Index score is a holistic measure that encompasses positive and negative product experiences including reliability, actual problems, driving excitement and other measures that collectively are energized by the emotional response associated with the aggregate of all those experiences – hence Total Quality. “Quality is much more than simply counting problems and watching for the horse race,” says Darrel Edwards, Ph.D. Founder and Executive Chairman of Strategic Vision. “When we declare Total Quality rankings, you’re seeing results of something meaningful and predictive, which are the result of measuring what matters to the customer. We use discriminating survey scales that capture the contraction of values and emotions: Love-it, Delightful, Excellent, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, a Failure and Hate-it,” says Dr. Edwards who promoted use of the scale decades ago.Coke-addicted rodent TeslaMondo

We’re like those coke-addicted rodents that keep pressing the lever for another hit, either by driving a Model S for unnecessary errands or repeatedly Googling the company. Perhaps it’s time we consulted with Dr. Drew and his social commentators about how to regain our independence after years of this dastardly mind control from Musk et al. But that can wait until tomorrow. Surely we should Google Tesla a few more dozen times before bedtime today. That factory announcement could be coming any minute now. Need a fix. Need a fix.

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