Little trouble in big China

Want China Times TeslaMondoA Chinese paper says a Model S shipment is tied up at the dock because of mismatched VINs and will face delays. And a Chinese man is claiming Tesla stole his intellectual property. And a tennis player posed topless. And a porn star is disgusted by a soccer player’s “oral technique.” Hey, just reading the headlines. And the paper shows a Model X for no apparent reason. Probably because it’s the next best thing to full frontal nudity.

Meanwhile, a Chinese EV blogger says Tesla’s over-the-air updates don’t happen in China, and touch-screen mapping functions don’t work either. This according to her friend, who heard it from her neighbor. And now you’re hearing it from a blogger who is relaying information from another blogger who is relaying information from a friend who heard it from a neighbor.

Figure it this way: Somewhere among these low-credibility sources is at least one accurate bit of negative news that spells a little trouble in big China. Who said international expansion was a cakewalk? The good news here is that there’s no lack of demand.


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