Legal hurdles fall in New York, NJ

Banned in the USA TeslamondoTesla can continue to operate its five New York stores, now that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has signed up for the 21st Century. But in a nod to the 20th Century, the New York legislation strengthens dealer protection from factory takeovers. This ensures that dealers will get a decent night’s sleep for a few more years, until progress once again comes rapping at the chamber door. It was only 15 years ago that Ford and GM tried to cut out the middleman, you know, so the Tesla precedent is spooky indeed for auto dealers. Paranoia strikes deep. Into your life it will creep.

New Jersey Assembly has voted 77-0 to restore Tesla’s right to sell in its two existing stores and open two more. The reverse-the-curse bill now heads to the Senate, where it’s bound to get a fight from the local dealer lobby, which doesn’t like “this Musk guy.” You may recall Gov. Chris Christie recently banned Tesla, just days after trumpeting the free market in a Maryland speech, then suffered a public stoning for being a hypocrite, then blamed the Legislature for tying his hands on the Tesla matter. Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald then blamed Christie and vowed to “clean up the Governor’s mess.”

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