Nissan, BMW, Tesla forming triumvirate?

Tesla pie chart 2 TeslaMondo


Tesla pie chart 3


Assuming the Financial Times is correct about Nissan and BMW talking to Tesla about charging technology, how will they comply with Musk’s edict that charging be free to customers, or at least baked into the purchase price? How will they improve their cars to accept Tesla’s super-potent charging delivery? That’s another Musk requirement. How will they contribute financially?

Will this go beyond charging discussions and lead to any collaborative cars, as Tesla has done with Daimler and Toyota? Will this lead to a “Big 3” in electro-mobility? What about China? Europe? Even India? Will they want “in” on a broad EV protocol?

Will TSLA shareholders view these discussions as dilution or solution? TeslaMondo sides with the latter. The TeslaMondo pie charts clearly illustrate the benefits of tech-sharing among EV players as the segment struggles to achieve economies of scale and shoulder the burden of public skepticism. A bigger pie benefits everyone with a stake in it.


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