Good news, bad coverage

Elon Musk name Telo NASDAQThis month marks the fourth anniversary of Tesla’s IPO. Yay! But NASDAQ’s website today refers to the Tesla CEO as “Telo” Musk. Boo! But there’s more. Click the graphic to watch a video and hear the gal pronounce it the same way — “Telo Musk.” Seems the Tesla CEO isn’t quite a household name yet, even at NASDAQ. Well, at least the news is good. Tesla is serving up a platter of subtle improvements to the Model S. Telo says he wants the Model S to be one of the few products in our lives that bring us joy. A year from now, when the Model X launches, we’re expecting joy squared thanks to Telo and his raw enthusiasm for the electric automobile and personal pride as product architect.


False headlines about Tesla in NJMore good news: The state of New Jersey looks like it might return to the 21st Century, as a pro-Tesla bill clears a committee on the way to a Senate vote. But wait — it has already cleared all hurdles and is now law, according to a rotting corner of the blogosphere. Maybe the 21st Century isn’t so good after all, at least for journalism.


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