Move over Elon — here comes Iggy

Visionary engineer Azalea on TeslaMondo

Visionary engineer Azalea

TeslaMondo has already compiled hypervigilant headlines that warn Tesla to “move over” or “watch out” for encroaching competition. Unfortunately, it’s time for TeslaMondo to join the chorus and advise Musk to watch his ass. This time it’s about the Hyperloop. Although the Hyperloop is still just a concept, it exemplifies Musk’s conceptual wizardry. Well, it’s about to be upstaged by an engineering concept much more profound — something that makes Musk’s idea seem quite unremarkable by comparison. Rap star Iggy Azalea, a newcomer to civil engineering, conceives of a high-speed underwater highway from the United States to Japan. Her firm, Azalea Strong Solutions, will reveal details at a press conference, but she teasingly refers to it in her hit song “Fancy.” It’s called the Fast Lane, and it connects LA to Tokyo via the Pacific Ocean. An except from the song:

“I’m so fancy. You already know. I’m in the fast lane. From LA to Tokyo.”

Watch out, Elon. We’ve got your back. Surely her entourage is attending to hers.

LA to Tokyo on TeslaMondo

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