Shareholder meeting: takeaways

Tesla shareholder meeting takeaways

Takeaway number 5.

1. Panasonic has shed its skepticism about whether the Gigafactory can shave 30% from battery costs. Musk reiterated his confidence about that number.

2. Musk will reassess his role as Tesla CEO in four to five years, after the high-volume car reaches production. TeslaMondo predicted last month that Musk will leave Tesla and focus on his Mars ambitions.

3. Tesla deliberately tried to make its model lineup read “S” “E” “X” until Ford ruined the “E” with a trademark challenge, thereby “killing sex,” as Musk put it.

4. The company still aims to break ground on up to three Gigafactory sites this month, and then choose one winning site by year’s end.

5. Business Insider misinterpreted Musk as saying he’s delaying groundbreaking until year’s end. Soon after a reader comment blew the whistle on the error, the story was yanked, but ghosts of it remain online.

6. Musk is planning an announcement related to company patents. TeslaMondo predicts it will involve making its superchargers less proprietary, or sharing some battery tech with the world in the hopes of proliferating electric vehicles. TeslaMondo has repeatedly stated it wants Tesla to lead a large segment instead of a small one. If that requires giving others a piggyback once in a while, so be it. Tesla can “scale up” only so far. The entire segment needs to scale up too.

7. The production Model X will look far better than the prototype.

Transcript here (sloppy as heck, however)

Video here


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