Spring romances starting to blossom

Toyota, Panasonic still heart TeslaPanasonic wants to go steady. The wishy-washy company took a break from saying squat and said it will indeed invest in the Gigafactory — albeit a small initial investment — and that it wants to be the exclusive battery cell maker at the factory. So Panasonic isn’t pretending to balk at the whole Gigafactory idea anymore. Hooray! But does it want to give little to the relationship while taking a lot? That’s what Dr. Phil would ask.

Toyota wants some too. Toyota still has Tesla’s phone number and plans to use it, so the RAV4 EV project might not be a one-night stand after all. Toyota sees a future in both fuel cell vehicles and EVs, with fuel cells serving as intermediate and long-distance travel and EVs as short-distance runabouts. That’s the gist of recent comments by Toyota’s Jim Lentz. Tesla, of course, believes a good EV is the only club you need in your golf bag. Hey, a mere lovers’ quarrel. The two companies can still make beautiful music together in battery development, while Toyota will continue to openly drool over fuel cells. Auto companies make strange bedfellows, in case you haven’t noticed.

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