Don’t call it a comeback

Fisker owner plots comeback

Fisker’s new Chinese owner, Lu Guanqiu, wants to reverse bad karma and put the ill-fated company back in Tesla’s rear view mirror, even taking on Tesla in China ASAP. Will this mean a revival of the Karma? Will it mean pure electric powertrains this time around, instead of hybrid like last time? Is Fisker a potential threat this decade or next, or never? All unknown at this point. The only known is Guanqui’s rise from childhood peasantry to wealth and power, thanks to pure gumption. However, he’s almost 70. Perhaps his son will steal Musk’s lunch money one day, assuming gumption runs in the family.

TeslaMondo would like to see more pure electric cars, to broaden international acceptance of the segment and help everyone with skin in the game. Who here would mind if Tesla grew from leading a small segment to leading a large one?

But wait, this just in . . .

Oh snap. There’s no market in China for electric cars, despite Musk’s and Guanqiu’s conviction otherwise. How do we know? Forbes contributor Kandy Wong says so in black and white. How does she know? Her friend says so.

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