Battery guys know what’s best for Tesla

Gigafactory advice for TeslaDaimler, Bosch, Edmunds — and now battery “experts.” They all know what’s best for Tesla. Daimler and Bosch say Tesla would be better-served by inventing non-proprietary charging stations so others could use them., which sells sales leads to auto dealers, says Tesla would be better-served by using auto dealers. And Dow Jones & Co. has issued at least three articles — one in Barron’s and now two in the WSJ — that corral experts for a round of Gigafactory advice.

The tone is always the same: Tesla would be better-served by taking a warm bath and a nap, and then reconsidering this whole factory scheme. It’s too ambitious, said Barron’s. Tesla doesn’t really need such a factory, suggested the WSJ with a question-asking headline last month. And yesterday the WSJ revisited the same trough with another questioning headline, and answered it with another roundtable of hand-wringing industry experts.

Attention, Tesla job-seekers: The company has no openings in the “unsolicited guidance” department. It receives that service for free.

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