Tesla gives good interface

Max Headroom TeslamondoTesla’s famed user interface is the best in the business, though it’s distracting because users end up browsing a lot. That’s the finding of Strategy Analytics, a consulting firm that tested 19 “infotainment” systems in the US, western Europe and China. Teslamondo’s position on driver distraction is that all brain functions not directly tied to piloting the car are equally distracting. That covers quite a spectrum:

* Lively conversations with others

* Lively conversations with oneself

* Flailing at a mosquito

* Flailing at a person

* Cognitive distraction. That’s the NHTSA’s term for daydreaming. I think therefore I crash. Cogito ergo boom. Will Tesla’s autopilot system fix the cognitive distraction problem or worsen it? Worth pondering — though not while driving.

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