China Tour kicks off

Tesla rock and and auto company swap faces, Elon Musk, Jb Straubel etc.Axes in hand, Tesla will attempt to break down the Great Wall of China with a kickoff event tomorrow. The world’s biggest auto market, and arguably the dirtiest, is all Tesla’s — if it can just penetrate that pesky wall comprising multifold obstacles:

1. China’s EV price subsidies exclude Tesla but apply to already-cheaper stuff like the new Denza, backed by local yokel BYD (a Buffett company) and Daimler. Why not Tesla? It doesn’t build in China. Not yet, anyway.

2. The Beijing auto lottery, which rations car purchases, lumps Tesla with gas cars but exempts locally-built penalty boxes, as well as the Denza. So you’ll have to be both fincially secure and a little lucky to own a Tesla downtown.

3. China’s EV infrastructure rivals that of the Pitcairn Islands.

But Tesla brings the green to a country choking on black, and brings American sex appeal in the highest density currently available. Just look at ‘em.

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