The roughage we ordered

bulgurWe say we’ve had our fill of refined corporatese verbage from silver-haired guys in suits. We prefer raw, blunt, gritty, nothing but the hard facts. OK, so are we ready for a CEO who says his stock is overpriced? Who says he expected his company to fail from day one? Who punches at or even below the belt when he’s under attack? Who hangs up on sub-par journalists? Who dismisses, or even taunts, or outright laughs at the competition? Elon Musk forces us to recalibrate our assumptions not just about the way cars are built and sold, but also the way executives talk to us. He feeds us unrefined bulgur instead of the familiar Wonder Bread we’ve complacently let melt in our mouths even while we complain about it. One bulgur fritter for me, please. Gee, I hope Simon Sproule likes this stuff too.