Musk on 60 Minutes tonight: next American Idol?

Elon Musk might become the next American Idol when he appears on 60 Minutes tonight. Consider the fact that 11.3 million people in the savored 18-49 age group watched the recent 60 Minutes interview with Boston Marathon detectives, but only 8.4 million watched the latest installment of American Idol. And consider Musk does have “rock star” status in China already. The home crowd is sure to follow. Unfortunately, 60 Minutes is bound to treat the Musk interview as introductory, so we insiders won’t learn anything new. But at least it will advance these noble causes:
* Turning a few million Tesla ignorami into cognoscenti, which can only help both Tesla and TSLA sales.
* Turning on the younger end of the 18-49 demographic to a very different American idol who probably can’t sing for shit, but does build self-landing rockets and also cars that are, like, way better than your father’s Beemer.
* Reminding people that the opening theme to 60 Minutes, which goes “tick tick tick tick tick tick tick,” has a deservedly longer shelf life than anything by Katy Perry.


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