Musk on 60 Minutes: takeaways

1. He was approaching a nervous breakdown when the shot clock was running out for both his rocket company and car company. SpaceX had botched three launches in a row, and Tesla suffered from quality control issues and a recession. Luckily, SpaceX nailed its fourth attempt, which prompted a solid contract with NASA to supply the International Space Station. And Tesla found investors willing to ignore takeaway #2:

2. Musk expected Tesla to fail, but started the company anyway on pure principle. And speaking of fail:

3. 60 Minutes thinks electric cars make revvy noises. We heard revving and shifting while the narrator talked about the electric powertrain. Oh the agita! This isn’t the first time 60 Minutes has fumbled a car segment. You might recall that in November of 1986, it aired footage of an Audi 5000 accelerating without a driver. The car was rigged by an engineer hired by plaintiff attorneys looking to steer public opinion. At least this Tesla gaffe was benign stupidity.

4. The world needs more risk-takers.