Tesla tempting China with an actual car

Never mind Tesla’s disadvantages when it debuts in China next month. Never mind the Beijing license plate lottery that favors the local competition, and the tax breaks not extended to Tesla. Never mind the lack of infrastructure for EVs and the parochial bickering about about which cars should qualify for which perks in which region and during which phase of the moon. And forget price for now. Just remember what those rappin’ hamsters said about the Kia Soul in the US, and apply it where it really counts, which is the Model S in China. “You can get with THIS, or you can get with THAT.” Seriously, folks, below are the Model S and its two lottery-exempt Chinese rivals available for immediate delivery, the BYD E6 and the Beijing Auto E150V.

Not pictured:

* BMW i3, because it’s too homely for this blog.

* The Nissan leaf, because it’s more of what you see below.

* GM products, because everything you need to know is here.




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