Tracking a flight pattern

FalconTesla now has over 12,000 orders, with deposits, for an abstraction called Model X. These aren’t $100 deposits. Many are $40,000. That’s a lot of interest, in more ways than one. Musk recently said he’s still tinkering with the design of the Model X. It’s a “damn hard” challenge, but apparently nobody doubts he’ll solve this Rubik’s Cube. My take: Styling may be less and less important as Tesla’s brand momentum straightens the curves and flattens the hills. Three burning questions remain:

  • Roof rack?
  • Side cameras instead of mirrors?
  • When Musk et al said the falcon wing doors will make it to production, did they REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY mean it? If the curtain rises on a production Model X and those falcon wings open, it will nudge Tesla fans into the O-zone, as in Orgasm. Tesla will have drop-kicked yet another industry edict: “Thou must issue ballsy concept cars to generate buzz, then castrate them on the way to production.”
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