Tesla will leave the mall

criswellNever mind the Gen III car for $35k. Let’s talk about a $20k car after that. The farther down-market Tesla goes, the more it will attract need-based buyers. I’m talking about young, working parents with young children and no time. They cannot order a car and simply use the golf cart while they wait. They need new transportation immediately because:

  • They just totaled a car
  • Boss yanked company car
  • Lease about to expire
  • Car won’t pass inspection without a $1k repair
  • Rejoining workforce

They visit dealerships with dried tears, uncombed hair, untied shoes and loaded pants. And that’s just the parents. Does Tesla want these buyers? If so, it will need more than a mall stall. It will need on-site inventory, the ability to unhorse the customer if necessary by taking a trade, a finance department that can secure a new loan, pay off existing ones and chase titles, and the ability to handle registry/insurance activity. In other words, it will need a facility that resembles a dealership. Owned and run by Tesla, of course.

Criswell declares: We are all interested in the future, for that is where we are going to spend the rest of our lives …