One-little two-little three-little victories

Victory #1: An Ohio panel has approved a bill to allow Tesla to operate its two stores and open a third, as long as Tesla promises not to scare anybody with a fourth. Tesla has agreed, so the bill will move forward. It’s a victory, though some will say Tesla shouldn’t have yielded any ground considering victory #2:

Victory #2: A fearsome gang of 70 economists and professors has written an open letter to US President Chris Christie* about the folly of banning Tesla, and the absurdity of dealers’ arguments about their indispensability. Christie’s recent woes surely contributed to victory #3:

Victory #3: After seeing Christie’s cojones crushed in a public vice, Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking the splunge. That’s the Monty Python word that means you’re not saying yes, not saying no, and not being indecisive. Though his state bans Tesla sales due to a law somewhere in the catacombs, Perry said in an interview that Tesla’s pros outweigh the cons and that Texas will have a serious discussion about revisiting the chance to re-asses the possibility of perhaps one day taking on the challenge of initiating a discussion centered around a more open viewpoint on the matter of raising hopes that a broader discussion could allow a freer thought process vis a vis a new opportunity to think about working on pushing for a wider acceptance of a broader acceptance of changing a longstanding logjam centering around a bottleneck preventing a more fluid conversation about the needs of a more open discourse on the subject of that badass Gigafactory.

* Hopes to be, that is.

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