New Jersey tater toss

Hot potatoLast week, US President Chris Christie* tried to quietly ban Tesla’s direct-sale business model, just days after loudly praising the wonderfulness of the free market. Someone tipped off Tesla the 11th hour, about the cold hand of government sneaking up. Too late! The measure passed, forbidding Tesla from “selling” in its two NJ stores starting April 1. Five-alarm headlines followed, including a blog post from Musk accusing Christie of everything from double-crossing to embracing Mafia tactics. Christie tossed the tater to the Legislature, saying the Legislature writes laws while Christie helplessly enforces them. Last night, Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald tossed the tater back down Christie’s pants, saying the Tesla ban was all Christie, and offering to “work with my colleagues in the Legislature to clean up the governor’s mess.” Reading between the lines, Christie grossly underestimated Tesla’s following, suggesting yet another politician out of touch.

*Hopes to be, that is.


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